Ledge N' Woods Farm

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Love our page?! Love our Beef? Or the new animal you bought from us? Let us know what you think! We love to hear from our customers!!!

Quotes We just got our beef, and it was wonderful! I am so happy we did it. Everything I have made has such good flavor and cooks up so nicely. I wont buy beef in the store any more! Quotes
Kendra Cosme
Super happy in Michigan

Quotes Wow!! I could barely wait for my first taste of the 1/4 steer we purchased, and was not disappointed-- in fact, I was completely delighted! This beef has the richest flavor I've tasted in decades!! Thank you, thank you for filling my freezer with some of the most healthy, delicious beef to be had! Quotes
Russ and Melissa Smith
Satisfied Michigan customer

Quotes We are trying to eat healthier food and purchased 1/4 cow from Gary and Lisa because we knew that the cows were grass fed and antibiotic free. However, we never expected the flavor to be so different from store bought meat. The first comment we both made was that the steaks tasted like the meat we ate when we were kids - so full of flavor! We were surprised that the beef was healthy AND tasty! My sister's family and some friends shared the cow with us and they all made the same comment. We will definately be ordering more in 2015. Keep up the good work! Quotes
Dean and Jan Poellet
Satisfied customer

Quotes Oh My! We got our meat in June, just in time for the 4th of July. We grilled T-Bones and they were so tender, like slicing through butter. Not only that, but they had great flavor. We didn't marinate them, just used salt and pepper. We are not big on steak sauce and we didn't need it. Would I get another 1/4 again? Yes! Quotes
Orval and Lisa Huff
Customer, Friends

Quotes The steaks we got from Ledge N' Woods Farm are fantastic! Nice marbling and delicious flavor. We purchased half a mini Hereford from Gary and Lisa and plan to do so again next year! Quotes
Dave and Jeri Stanford
Happy with our beef

Quotes We were one of the families in Michigan that purchased a quarter of beef. We have been very pleased with the excellent quality. Every cut has just the right marbling to give the meat a rich, juicy flavor.. AND best of all, is knowing that we are eating grass-fed beef that has been raised the way nature intended! Quotes
Sharon Mullin
Customer (Jan Poellet's sister)