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Ledge N' Woods Farm

Bringing the "Classic" back to the Herefords

Our objective at Ledge N' Woods Farm is to "keep it classy" with classic Hereford cattle. We are doing our best to create a high-quality herd of Hereford beef cattle. We have built a herd of excellent bloodline animals that have class in the way they look, the way they move, their personalities and disposition. Currently, the official name "Miniature Herefords" is applied to the smaller Herefords. We feel that name creates an impression that the animals are some sort of toy or novelty animal. We prefer to think of what we are doing as going back to the original genetics of Herefords that were imported from England in 1817. Today, the Miniature Herefords are actually animals that have been selectively bred to get beef cattle back to their original smaller size. Over the years breeders became convinced that bigger cattle were better cattle and bred their cattle accordingly, to produce larger animals. That theory is now changing as people look at the cattle industry. We are selectively breeding for optimum flavor meat, mild disposition, easy care of animals, and many other qualities. All of our Herefords are registered with American Hereford Association, and we truly are keeping it classy with our classic Herefords at Ledge N' Woods farm.

Multiple Uses

• Versatility of the Miniature Herefords allows you to use them in many different ways. They are excellent beef cattle for a farm or ranch, but they can easily be raised by people who have much more limited facilities. Farmers who may want to downsize their farm, retired people, hobby farmers or people who just love cute, useful lawn ornaments have fun with these even tempered gentle animals. The ease of handling, caring for and training the mini-Herefords, makes them ideal for young people as great 4-H or FFA projects. For older people, retired people or hobby farmers, they provide the pleasure and fun of caring for the animals, providing their own food or to earn extra income, or even act as a full-time business. In many states taxes are lower if you maintain an agricultural status for your property. Owning beef cattle will help with the tax status and the smaller classic Hereford could be the answer for you.

Show Quality

Many people who raise the classic Hereford choose to show their animals at county fairs, state fairs and other events. Miniature Herefords, as they are currently classified, are becoming popular as a specific breed all over the United States and abroad. The make excellent show animals and their owners are enthusiastic about showing them off! Children and older or less active people especially enjoy this aspect of their animals.